Month: January 2018

Dem Rep Luis Gutierrez storms out of SOTU address

Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez walked out on President Trump during the State of the Union address. Claiming he had to get ready for a meeting, Gutierrez hurried out of the room like a little baby. An inspirational USA! USA! USA! chant was rocking the house while he exited.

Air BnB takes a shot at Trump with negative ad

Americans are starting to boycott after their negative ad towards President Trump. Air BnB has used President Trump’s State of the Union address as away criticize the President and make money off of the anti-Trump crowd. The company is running an ad which magically counters the alleged negative remarks from President Trump in regards to […]

Senator Joe Manchin stood during SOTU while other Democrats remained seated

Senator Joe Manchin was a lone wolf during President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night. Democrats did not even stand during applause breaks for key topics such as tax reform, better infrastructure, the DACA deal and God. When President Trump spoke about God, all of the Democrats remained seated except for one, West […]

New jobs and lowest unemployment in history

During the State of the Union address tonight, President Trump reviewed some of the employment success achieved during the first year of his administration. Since the election, there have been 2.4 million new jobs created. Unemployment claims are now at a 45 year low. The unemployment rate for African Americans and Hispanic Americans is at […]

Democrats sat quietly during Trump’s State of the Union Address

The entire room stood several times as they applauded for the words President Trump was speaking during his State of the Union address tonight. Except for Democrats. Many of the present Democrats including Nancy Pelosi, sat quietly while President Trump received applause. Even when everyone in the room was cheering for wonderful things Trump’s administration […]

President Trump delivers brilliant SOTU address

President Donald Trump delivered an outstanding State of the Union address this evening. The President called for all of us set aside our differences and work together. It was a message of hope and future success for the United States and it’s people. President Trump touched on most of the big successes his administration has […]

House Intel votes to release surveillance memo to the public

The long awaited release of the controversial surveillance memo is about happen. On Monday the House Intelligence Committee voted to release the memo to the public. The memo which has been trending online in places like twitter for some time now, contains evidence of government surveillance abuse. California Rep. Adam Schiff, the number one Democrat […]

WWII Japanese balloon bombs

During World War II, the Japanese used the air current across the Pacific ocean to send bombs attached to hydrogen balloons to the United States. This was known as the Fu-Go campaign. Balloons could reach the United States in as little as 30-60 hours depending on weather conditions. It is estimated the Japanese sent approximately […]

Andrew McCabe has been removed from the FBI

Andrew McCabe, the top FBI official has been removed from the bureau. Months of complaints regarding conflict-of-interest issues, have concluded with McCabe no longer serving as deputy director. McCabe will be taking vacation time until his planned retirement date. He will no longer be reporting to work at the FBI. His retirment date is within […]

Hillary Clinton thanks ‘activist b*****s supporting b*****s’ in video

On Friday night, Hillary Clinton thanked her supporters for their activism and feminism. In a short video she praised “activist b*****s supporting b*****s”. She shared the video on Twitter Friday night. In the video, Clinton thanked everyone for their feminism, activism and encouraging supporters to continue their really good work. This is not the first […]

Trump at Davos

President Trump gave a very smooth speech along with a very detailed message…Read Full Story.

Build the wall

If we would have had a secure border 20-30 years ago, we wouldn’t be having this ridiculous DACA issue today.

Kerry reportedly giving advice to Palestinians

It has been reported that former Secretary of State John Kerry tried to get involved with Middle East peace talks. Allegedly he told an associate of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to no “yield to President Trump’s demands.” Maariv, an Israeli news outlet reported that Kerry meet with Hussein Agha. The two met in London. It […]

First President to fly in a helicopter

President Eisenhower was the first President to fly in a helicopter. Here he is departing from the front lawn of the White House on July 15, 1957. Air Force Major Joseph E. Barrett flew President Eisenhower to Camp David. The aircraft is a two passenger Bell H-13J helicopter.

They should be fried

The DOJ has requested details from a number of cities regarding their sanctuary city policies. The DOJ needs to know if any of these cities are unlawfully blocking information sharing by law enforcement with federal immigration authorities. Mayors and cities not responding could be facing a subpoena. Any mayors of sanctuary cities who do not respond […]