What is American Dominance?


When people ask me what American Dominance is, my answer is simple. It’s a lifestyle.

It’s country music on a Friday night with Bud Light.
It’s proudly flying the American flag on your house.
It’s going shooting out in the desert.
It’s taking a backroad to go fishing in the river.
It’s hunting in the woods.
It’s being a conservative.
It’s serving in and/or supporting the military.
It’s supporting law enforcement.
It’s playing the guitar around a bonfire.
It’s jacked up pickup trucks.
It’s getting that feeling in your stomach on 4th of July.
It’s sitting on a tailgate watching the sun go down.
It’s road trips to the beach.
It’s camping in the rocky mountains.
It’s knowing that America is the greatest country to ever exist.
That is what American Dominance is.

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