President Trump vows to tackle mental health issues in America in wake of Florida school shooting

On Thursday President Trump addressed the nation on the Florida school shooting.

The President condemned the shooting massacre as a “scene of terrible violence, hatred and evil”.

President Trump vowed to address mental health issues in the United States.

The Democrats have immediately started pushing their gun controls issues and are attacking the President for not doing the same.

The President is not screaming for more gun control like the Democrats of course want him to. Instead, he’s waiting for all the facts first.

The fact that the President is choosing to talk about mental health instead of gun control is a huge deal.

Finally we have a President in the White House who has enough common sense to focus on the root of a problem and not just try to stick band-aids on everything.



  1. You have to are kidding… The man needs notes to tell himself to listen to people. You have a fool and a narcissist for a president. You are way out of step with the rest of the civilised world on gun control and mental health…. Grow up.

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