Month: March 2018

Clash in Gaza, many dead, hundreds wounded

Thousands of Palestinians gathered along the border fence between Gaza and Israel today. This was a planned protest turned violent. The protest was originally suppose to be a peaceful event to mark the 70th anniversary of founding of the state of Israel and to protest the Israeli blockade around Gaza. At least 10 Palestinians were […]

The wall has been started and Customs and Border Protection chief backs Trump

A top official for Customs and Border Protection has called out fake reports about border agents not supporting Trump’s border wall. Ronald Vitiello, the acting Deputy Commissioner has told reporters that effective barriers have been requested from the field. “Walls work” and “agents know it,” Vitiello said. Funding given to border security measures from the omnibus […]

Stephen Colbert apologizes to Trump, calls out CNN lies

Stephen Colbert is well known for regularly bashing Trump with nightly monologues. Trump jokes have been the normal for his late show, but Thursday night Colbert did something a little different. Colbert was discussing the success of the “Roseanne” return from a 20 year hiatus. Colbert praised the sitcoms outstanding reviews just moments after Trump […]

Russia to retaliate against the United States

Russia announced they will be retaliating against the United States for expelling Russian diplomats. Well now we know what they’re going to do. In response to President Trump expelling 60 diplomats form the Russian consulate in Seattle, Moscow says they are going to expel the same number of U.S. diplomats and close the U.S. consulate […]

The truth about MSM opposing Trump’s pick for admiral to head VA

Do you remember when the same Navy doctor appointed to Obama gave Trump a clean bill of health? The mainstream media hasn’t forgotten and they’re using this to oppose Trump’s pick for head of VA. Dr. Ronny Jackson is a highly trained Navy admiral. He has served in Iraq, was appointed to Obama and is […]

The Entire World Needs To Prepare To Thank Donald Trump

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, made his first trip outside of his country to meet with a foreign leader this week. He traveled to China to meet with their President, Xi Jinping. The timing of this is not a coincidence. What was it that spurred the leader of one of the most […]

The Media Has Resorted To Legitimizing A Porn Star To Attack The President

I have not watched a single interview with “Stormy Daniels”, the supposed porn star accusing Donald Trump of, I guess a consensual sexual relationship (someone remind me how that’s illegal) but I have learned a lot. Just the fact that the mainstream media is pushing this story as hard as they are, tells me all […]

Fake Conservatives Threaten To Abandon Donald Trump… Again.

I really hate to say this but Donald Trump has the worst base in the history of politics. I remember the early days of the administration when Donald Trump made the tough decision as Commander in Chief to launch tomahawk missiles into Syria after a verified chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government. Twitter lit […]

Trump considering VETO of the Omnibus spending bill

President Trump tweeted Friday morning stating that he is “considering a VETO of the Omnibus spending bill”. “Based on the fact that the 800,000 plus DACA recipients have been totally abandoned by the Democrats (not even mentioned in bill) and the BORDER WALL, which is desperately needed for our National Defense, is not fully funded”, […]

15 Years Ago Today: Operation Iraqi Freedom Begins

15 years ago today the United States commenced Operation Iraqi Freedom. An operation to oust Saddam Hussein, take down one of the 3 countries listed by then President George W. Bush as the “axis of evil” and to rid the country of their supposed weapons of mass destruction stockpile. The initial invasion of Iraq could […]

Army research lab creating “bionic third arm”

The Army research lab is working on a very exciting new project. A “bionic third arm”. The project once completed, would allow soldiers to carry bigger and heavier weapons. A “bionic third arm” would also reduce fatigue, recoil and the burden heavy gear normally puts on a soldier.

Trump tweets on Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe firing

The news of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe being fired broke Friday. Many believe that McCabe should have been fired months ago. President Trump tweeted Friday evening in regards to the breaking news. Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for […]

US forces ambushed in Niger again

The U.S. Africa Command on Wednesday disclosed a December attack on American forces in Niger. The attack was an ambush by terrorist forces. The December attack follows an October attack and lawmakers are questioning what the U.S. is doing in Niger. The U.S. Africa Command said that on December 6, 11 ISIS fighters were killed […]

Andrew McCabe fired

The Justice Department has fired former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. The Friday firing has come just days before McCabe would be eligible for a lifetime pension. The Justice Department determined that he had lied to investigators reviewing the bureau’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s email server. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement, “Pursuant […]

Parents of murdered children want Oakland mayor to do hard time

Some parents of children who have been killed by illegal immigrants want the Trump administration to throw the book at Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf. Schaaf interfered with a federal immigration raid and parents wants her to pay for her sins and even serve jail time. Schaaf announced an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in on […]

Clinton doesn’t give women much credit

Many Democrats who normally would be on Hillary Clinton’s side, are criticizing her for singling out white female Trump voters, blaming their election votes in 2016 on “pressure” from male figures in their lives. Even Clinton’s former campaign manager, seems to think Clinton is way out of line. Many Democratic Senators feel the same. The […]

NBC’s Lester Holt embarrassment and ratings plummet

NBC star Lester Holt is holding on for dear life after a ratings plummet partially due to his North Korea trip. Last month during the Parkland massacre, Holt along with all of the other big stars at NBC were in North Korea reporting on the Olympic games. Holt was not in place to report on […]