Donald Trump Attends the Gridiron Dinner… And Kills It.

The President attended the Gridiron dinner in Washington, DC Saturday night. The last place you would think to find Donald Trump would be at a dinner hosted by journalists but not only did he show up, he absolutely killed it! A toast that featured everything from self-deprecating jokes to making fun of the media over the “Russia” scandal to seriously addressing DACA, Donald Trump proved once again why the American people love him and why he is the President of the United States today.

Some of the hilarious comments by the President included, that he was running late because Jared Kushner had trouble getting through security to saying that he offered Jeff Sessions a ride to the dinner but he “recused himself.” One of the best lines from the President was when he rubbed it into the medias face that he was having a great time by saying, “This might be the most fun I’ve had since watching your faces on election night.”

Of course, the liberal media refuses to give Donald Trump even one night off from their unprecedented vindictiveness and relentless attacks. MSNBC analyst, Matthew Miller tried to claim on twitter that Donald Trump saying Maxine Waters needs an IQ test was “incredibly racist” and wondered why that wasn’t being mentioned in the coverage of the dinner:

Obviously, the reason why that specific joke wasn’t being mentioned in the coverage is because the only people who could hear something like that and immediately think, “RACIST” would be members of the fake news media that have completely lost their minds over the last year:

Donald Trump showing up to the Gridiron dinner sent a very clear message to the mainstream media that they have not, cannot and will not break him. He followed the dinner up with a Sunday morning tweet:


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