BREAKING: Donald Trump Agrees To Meet With Kim Jong Un

In a historic announcement made by South Korea at the White House Thursday night, it was confirmed that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has extended an offer to meet with Donald Trump and the President has accepted the invitation.


President Trump said in a statement that he appreciated the offer from Kim Jong Un and he will meet with him before May of this year. Many questions are still unanswered in regards to the meeting. Where the meeting will be held, who will be present and the topics of the meeting still need to be confirmed.


Donald Trump ran on an agenda. He talked about resolving the North Korea issue on the campaign trail. He has been speaking about the North Korea issue for years. The footage is out there. Just go to YouTube and you’ll find Donald Trump discussing this issue many years ago. He is fully aware how the relationship between the United States and America has affected many different issues on the world stage, probably most importantly, Americas relationship with China. If Donald Trump can be successful in his attempts to end the North Korea issue once and for all, he will most certainly go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents in American history. Kim-Jong-Un-attack-Trump-US-world-war-740550


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