NBC’s Lester Holt embarrassment and ratings plummet

NBC star Lester Holt is holding on for dear life after a ratings plummet partially due to his North Korea trip.

Last month during the Parkland massacre, Holt along with all of the other big stars at NBC were in North Korea reporting on the Olympic games. Holt was not in place to report on the massacre.

Holt’s trip to North Korea was controversial as well and it’s reported he got tricked by regime propagandists. Most likely he knew what was going on and decide to use it as an opportunity to report some more fake news. Either way, the North Korea trip was a complete embarrassment.

It’s presumed the resort Holt did his reporting from, was filled by North Korean propagandists. Holt was set up in a ski resort that was bustling with activity and happy skiers. The resort had long been abandoned and the happy skiers were actually actors putting on a show. This was a huge embarrassment for Holt and NBC.

Ever since Lester Holt moderated the first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump 18 months ago, he has kind of been in the dog house.

Holt came across as partisan and in favor of Clinton during the debate. Even his audience noticed and some jumped ship.

Is Lester Holt about to lose his job?



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