Fake Conservatives Threaten To Abandon Donald Trump… Again.

I really hate to say this but Donald Trump has the worst base in the history of politics. I remember the early days of the administration when Donald Trump made the tough decision as Commander in Chief to launch tomahawk missiles into Syria after a verified chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government. Twitter lit up more than that air field that was just obliterated by the United States Navy. Everybody was jumping off the Trump Train because of that.

There are many other examples between the Syria strikes and the signing of the Omnibus bill where “conservatives” said they were done with Donald Trump. I’m not going to list them all because, quite frankly, it’s ridiculous and exhausting.

All I will say is this, if you’re not going to support Donald Trump, who the fuck are you going to support? Are you going to stay home in 2020 and allow someone like Elizabeth Warren to become President? Are you going to stay home and let 18 year olds that were featured speakers at the March For Our Lives dictate your future? We all know what their objectives are.

Wake up people, and realize that ANY Republican is better than ANY Liberal every day of the week. Support your President but be realistic. Understand that one man in Washington, DC cannot write policy. You have to take the good with the bad.



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