The truth about MSM opposing Trump’s pick for admiral to head VA

Do you remember when the same Navy doctor appointed to Obama gave Trump a clean bill of health? The mainstream media hasn’t forgotten and they’re using this to oppose Trump’s pick for head of VA.

Dr. Ronny Jackson is a highly trained Navy admiral. He has served in Iraq, was appointed to Obama and is on faculty at a Harvard-affiliated hospital. But the media is trying destroy his nomination to head Veteran Affairs simply because he gave Trump a clean bill of health.

The majority of headlines regarding Jackson’s nomination are negative and leave out his impressive qualifications. These headlines only label him as Trump’s doctor and do not mention the fact that Jackson was also appointed to Obama. You can leave your comments below.

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  1. Isn’t this just another disgusting example of how the media will flip flop only because they hate President Trump? As long as it’s Trump, nothing will ever satisfy them.

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