Jim Acosta wants you to punch him in the mouth

CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta has taken it too far. Acosta got hammered on Monday for aggressively shouting disgusting questions at President Trump while coloring with young children during the White House Easter Egg Roll.

The Egg Roll event is an annual get-together for families from all over the United States. A handful of Trump’s grandchildren were present as well as his 12 year old son Barron.

Acosta keep pushing and shouting at Trump while he was engaged with children. Acosta shouted, “Mr. President, what about the DACA kids? Should they worry about what is going to happen to them, sir?”

Acosta received a response from Trump. Democrats let them down, Trump said and then carried on with doing activities with the children. But Acosta kept pushing and pushing.

Acosta’s badgering became even more aggressive when he asked Trump, “Didn’t you kill DACA, sir? Didn’t you kill DACA?”

The egg roll event was not the proper time and place for Acosta’s rude questions. The event was about the children, not Acosta and his selfish agenda.

It’s about time the White House pulls Acosta’s credentials.

Acosta continues to embarrass himself and his employer. This time was even worse as he basically crashed a children’s event.

Do you remember earlier this year when Trump had to kick Acosta out of the Oval Office after being smothered with racially charged questions?

Or how about the time when White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had to put the hammer down on Acosta for attempting to hijack her press briefing?

Acosta claims he is doing his job which is protected by the first amendment.

We all know what Acosta really wants. He wants Trump to get so frustrated with him that he loses control.

Acosta is the guy who wants you to hit him so that he can ruin your career.

That’s exactly what Acosta wants. A good, swift, firm punch in the mouth.

Leave your comments about Mr. Jim Acosta below.

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  1. Jim Acosta is doing his job. The Facists, including Trump, who want to trample the First Amendment are the wrong party here. DACA is about kids…the Easter Egg Roll was perfectly appropriate for those questions.

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