Parkland students get clear backpacks, isn’t it ironic?

For weeks students at Marjory Stoneman High School have beating you to death with their gun control efforts.  They have expressed themselves as to to why you should not have the right to defend yourself.

After all this, the school has decided to take away students right to privacy. All students will carry clear backpacks from now on.

This is good for the clear backpack industry, but not for students who value their privacy.

It’s ironic how so many students at Marjory High didn’t give a damn about your rights, but now that they’ve had theirs taken away, they don’t like it.

In response to the clear backpacks, some students took to social media to let their frustrations out.

Some of these students do not seem to understand what is going on here. When has the NRA ever had an agenda that was not transparent?

The NRA’s agenda is to protect the second amendment from people like you taking away the right to bear arms based on false and symbolic efforts.

It’s obvious that clear backpacks will not make attending school safer in the slightest bit. But hopefully, the students who really don’t appreciate losing their right to privacy will stop trying to take away the rights of others.

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