Saved Rounds: Perfect Timing for Trump’s National Guard Plan for the Border

Thanks to the Trump Administration, illegal border crossings are at a 46 year low. That’s not good enough. They must be stopped completely and that’s what Trump is working towards.

Trump has announced he has plans to put the National Guard on the border. This is perfect timing. If illegal crossings are at a 46 year low, let’s put the nail in the coffin.

The National Guard would not be carrying rifles as much as they would be repairing vehicles, manning maintenance shops of all sorts and possibly tackling administrative duties. That would free up more Border agents to do their jobs.

This is a tactic I have personally seen work in the military. Plus, I’m sure the Border Patrol would thoroughly enjoy having the aircraft assets the National Guard can provide. That would be a game changer for border security.

As a right now, most Border-State Governors support Trump’s National Guard plan for the border.

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