Facebook Reconsidering Flagging Diamond & Silk After Fox News Appearance

Two of President’s biggest supporters in online communities Diamond and Silk, have been flagged “unsafe to the community” by Facebook. But Facebook is now rethinking their decision.

This came after the two appeared on Fox News’ morning show where they asked Facebook why they have been labeled as so without even an explanation from Facebook.

“They gave us no rationale. The only thing they told us is that we are unsafe for the community. We are two women of color, how are we unsafe? We don’t sell drugs, we don’t belong to no gangs. It’s offensive, it’s appalling, it taints our brand. Why are you censoring two black women? Why are you not allowing our viewers to view our content,” said Diamond and Silk.

Diamond and Silk they noticed the activity on their page slowed about seven months ago.

Diamond and Silk said they “noticed that there was a pause on our page, one day we were doing good and then it just dropped. People were not receiving notifications, our posts were not showing up on their feed.”

Diamond and Silk are sisters who have often described themselves as “biological sisters from North Carolina standing with the silent majority” and President Trump’s “most outspoken & loyal supporters.”

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