New “Metal Foam” for Tanks & Armored Vehicles

There is a breakthrough in technology when it comes to foam. It’s called Composite Metal Foam (CMF). It can be used to armor tanks and all types of tactical vehicles.

CMF is lighter than the steel armor used today and could be more effective at protecting the crew inside tactical vehicles.

CMF is said to reduce armor weight on tactical vehicles by up to 65 percent. Less weight and more protection means more speed, confidence and maneuverability on the battlefield.

CMF protects against direct hits, blast waves from explosions and radiation.

The development of CMF is being headed by the U.S. Army’s Aviation Applied Technology Directorate and North Carolina State University.

The CMF project is just another cutting edge technology the Army is working. The “bionic arm” is another great example.

CMF is made from metal. It’s basically a metal foam.

Army research lab creating “bionic third arm”

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