Trump’s Wall Construction Begins in New Mexico

On Monday, construction of Trump’s border wall has begun in a remote section of New Mexico.

“It’s 18 feet high. The bollards are filled with concrete. You got rebar running up inside. It goes six feet underground and two feet of concrete on top of that. A wall isn’t designed to stop everybody. But you would have to be one of the more determined illegal aliens to scale it, get through it or dig under it,” said Aaron Hull who is the El Paso Sector Chief.

The 20 mile section under construction is replacing a vehicle barrier near Santa Teresa, New Mexico, while a 30 foot fence project is underway near Calexico, California. Another project is planned for San Diego later in the year.

Aaron Hull says the El Paso sector is the most active crossing point for humans and drugs and the wall is a top priority.

“It’s just too easy for them to cross in this area and disappear into the urban communities to the north. The proximity of highways on both sides of the fence make it very attractive for criminals, smugglers and illegals to get in and out quickly. That’s why we need the wall to deter, to stop illegal traffic,” said Hull.

The Army Corps of Engineers’ budget is paying for the project and costs $73 million.

The $1.6 billion for border security from Trump’s new budget will cover the cost for approximately 100 miles of barrier construction.

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