National Guard Arriving at Border, California is Not Participating

President Trump’s request to put the National Guard on the U.S.-Mexico border is now happening. National Guard members have begun to arrive. But unfortunately, California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown is not participating.

Brown has had since last week to make a decision on whether or not the California National Guard will help in securing the border or not. Brown has not yet decided to participate.

This is not a first for Brown and the state of California to go against Trump. Fighting against the Trump administration over the border and illegal immigration has become a regular routine for the golden state.

There has not been an official announcement on whether or not California will eventually participate in helping to secure the border. The state says it is still reviewing Trump’s request.

If California decides not to send their National Guard members to the border, Trump can overrule the state’s decision and federalize the National Guard.

However, Republican governors of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona are one board with Trump’s border plan. On Monday, 1,600 National Guard members from these three states were ordered to the border.

Governors who send National Guard members to the border will retain command and control over their Guard members and the U.S. will cover the finances. This is noted under Federal Law.

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