Comey Memos Prove Political Bias and Poor Judgment

The newly released James Comey memos show his political bias. The memos clearly highlight Comey’s poor judgment and how he leaned whichever way he thought would help him keep his job.

The memos describe in great detail the first interactions Comey had with Trump in the first few months of the new administration, before being fired in May of 2017.

The memos were delivered to Congress on Thursday by the Department of Justice.

Comey did not write such detailed memos documenting his interactions with President Obama, Secretary Clinton, Andrew McCabe or Attorney General Lynch. But, he did however document every little detail about Trump.

Comey claimed he was concerned about Lynch’s credibility so much that he took charge of the Hillary Clinton email probe in 2016. However, he did not write the kind of memos about Lynch, which he did about Trump.

The newly released memos have appeared shortly after the release of Comey’s new book, “A Higher Loyalty”. Comey included detailed accounts about time spent with Trump, including his negative feelings about Trump’s behavior as president.

Comey has displayed the behavior of someone who is more concerned with promoting themselves and filling their bank account, then he is about the country’s well being.


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