Taliban to Only Target U.S. Forces in Afghanistan from Now On

The Taliban recently announced they intend to focus their attacks on Americans and their foreign allies instead of Afghan government forces.

The announcement was released after the Taliban failed to take over Farah in the western region of Afghanistan. The attack on Farah was stopped by U.S. and Afghan air strikes and Afghan security forces.

It has been reported that due to high amount of casualties to Afghan security forces, the Taliban states they are offering “a general amnesty to all military formations, national army, national police, local police and all employees of the regime to safeguard their lives and wealth.”

A Taliban spokesperson stated “These security forces, however, are our own countrymen who have joined the ranks of America due to misguidance or other reasons,” the statement said. “In case you do leave the enemy ranks … the mujahideen of Islamic Emirate shall use every means at their disposal to try and ease your life.”


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