3 Examples of American Pride and Respect

I came across a story about a soldier who recently spotted an American flag lying on the ground and decided to take action. This led me to other similar stories one right after the next. Discovering these stories of pride for the country and flag made me feel all fuzzy inside. I’ve decided to share some of these with you.

Soldier Folds Flag Knocked Down by Storm

A security camera on a home near Fort Bragg, NC captured a soldier in uniform picking a strangers flag that had fallen onto the ground during a storm. The unidentified soldier folded the flag and respectfully set it on top of an Amazon package outside the front door of the home.

Video from Fox News


Massachusetts Man Risks Life to Save American Flag from Busy Highway

James Deely from West Bridgewater, Massachusetts spotted an American flag on a busy highway on August 16. At first Deely drove past the flag and did not stop. The thought of the American flag on the ground was bothering him. He decided to make a loop and come back around to the location of the flag. Deely parked his car in an emergency lane and stood on the side of the highway for about 15 minutes waiting for a break in traffic. As soon as he had a chance he ran towards the flag and retrieved it.

Las Vegas Officer Rescues American Flag from Freeway

On October 2, Nevada Highway Patrol officer Jason Buratczuk noticed an American Flag on the roadside of Interstate 15 in Las Vegas. Buratczuk caught a glimpse of the flag and turned around. Buratczuk exited his patrol car and picked up the flag as traffic passed by. He took the damaged flag to the American Legion for proper disposal. Buratczuk is an Air Force veteran.

The Nevada Highway Patrol released a dash cam video on their Facebook page of officer Buratczuk picking up the flag. Watch the video here.

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