Republicans are fighting very hard

Republicans fight very hard to keep our Military funded. The Democrats only care about babying illegal immigrants allowing them to flood the country.

Spinning fake news doesn’t work

If conservatives worried about polls none of us would’ve voted in the last election. Liberals can spin their fake news and fake polls to try to convince us to stay home but it won’t work.

At all costs

The United States Military is the most important institution in the world. It must be protected at all costs.

Successful first year in office

Americans care about two things, their paycheck and national security. The stock market is through the roof and radical Islamic terrorists are being eradicated from the earth. That sure sounds like a successful first year in office for President Trump.

Senate clears way to end government shutdown

On Monday the Senate voted 81-18 to shatter the filibuster by Democrats on a government spending bill. This allowed Congress to approve the stopgap measure to end the three-day government shutdown. Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer before the vote that Senate Democrats would supply the GOP-controlled Senate with the votes needed, but only in […]

House speaker Paul Ryan orders ethics investigation

Today House Speaker Paul Ryan has ordered an ethics investigation when the New York Times reported that U.S. Rep. Patrick Meehan had used taxpayer money to silence a complaint from a former aid. Ryan ordered a full investigation by the House Ethics Commitee and that any taxpayer money spent should be returned.

Parks to stay open under Trump during shutdown

President Trump is going to keep parks open if the government shuts down. The President understands the econimc impact some parks have on local economies. This is the complete opposite of what Obama did during the 2013 shutdown. The Obama administartion chained off monuments and playgrounds. The administration even turned away veterans from the World […]

ICE Deputy Director Statement on 7-11 Operation

ICE Deputy Director Thomas D. Homan’s statement on the 7-Eleven operation. “Today’s actions send a strong message to U.S. businesses that hire and employ an illegal workforce: ICE will enforce the law, and if you are found to be breaking the law, you will be held accountable,” said Thomas D. Homan, ICE Deputy Director and Senior […]

U.S. Crude Oil Production To Set Record In 2018

The United State’s crude oil production is expected to reach a record high in 2018. The 2017 average was 9.3 million b/d. The 2018 average is expected to be at an average of 9.9 million b/d. That could pass the record of 9.9 million b/d which was set in 1970.

Border Patrol Arrest MS-13 Gang Member

Border Patrol agents arrested an MS-13 gang member on November 7, 2017 in the Laredo sector. The gang member is from El Salvador and was found with a group of six other illegal aliens.

Houston Officer Saves Lives While Battling Cancer

Officer Bert Ramon of the Houston Police Department saved at least 1,000 lives during hurricane Harvey while suffering from stage four cancer. Officer Ramon braved the weather and treacherous conditions putting others before him. Ramon is 55 years old.

Afghan Air Force Must Start Performing It’s Own Maintenance

Currently the Afghan Air Force depends heavily on contractors to maintain their aircraft. This costs a lot of money and they need to become self sufficient. Existing contracts do not include any sort of timeline to transition maintenance responsibilities over the Afghan Air Force. Afghan mechanics only perform about 20 percent of the maintenance.

New Army Deployments Set

Three Army units will deploy in the coming spring and a fourth will deploy this summer. The 10th Mountain Division Headquarters will deploy from New York to Iraq in the spring in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. The 101st Airborne Division Headquarters will deploy from Kentucky to Afghanistan in the spring in support of Operation […]

Chicago Police Wanting Anti-Texting Tools

There are no police departments in the United States capable of knowing immediately after a traffic accident if a driver was texting at the time of the indecent. Chicago police department may become the first to use the technology. They are looking into available technology and be able to go ahead with it.

New Gear for Marines

The Marine Corps is going to set up grunts with the M27 automatic rifle and Marine Corps special forces gear. They are looking into upgrading rifles, scopes, helmets and more. Every M4 in every infantry squad will be replaced with M27 except for squad leaders.

What is American Dominance?

  When people ask me what American Dominance is, my answer is simple. It’s a lifestyle. It’s country music on a Friday night with Bud Light. It’s proudly flying the American flag on your house. It’s going shooting out in the desert. It’s taking a backroad to go fishing in the river. It’s hunting in […]

President Trump Support

I do not know a single President Trump supporter that has lost faith. If anything, our resolve has gotten stronger. The strategy from the left is blatantly obvious. Their goal is to run out the clock, delegitimize the President as much as possible and attempt to break the resolve of supporters. The fact that the […]