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Jim Acosta wants you to punch him in the mouth

CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta has taken it too far. Acosta got hammered on Monday for aggressively shouting disgusting questions at President Trump while coloring with young children during the White House Easter Egg Roll. The Egg Roll event is an annual get-together for families from all over the United States. A handful […]

Complacency Kills On The Battlefield And In Politics

A saying commonly used in combat zones is “Complacency Kills”. It is meant to remind you to always be aware of your surroundings, never let your guard down and be prepared for anything. This saying applies to politics as well. Although not literally, it is something that conservatives need to always keep in mind. After […]

Stephen Colbert apologizes to Trump, calls out CNN lies

Stephen Colbert is well known for regularly bashing Trump with nightly monologues. Trump jokes have been the normal for his late show, but Thursday night Colbert did something a little different. Colbert was discussing the success of the “Roseanne” return from a 20 year hiatus. Colbert praised the sitcoms outstanding reviews just moments after Trump […]

The Media Has Resorted To Legitimizing A Porn Star To Attack The President

I have not watched a single interview with “Stormy Daniels”, the supposed porn star accusing Donald Trump of, I guess a consensual sexual relationship (someone remind me how that’s illegal) but I have learned a lot. Just the fact that the mainstream media is pushing this story as hard as they are, tells me all […]

MSM spinning Trump’s gun for teachers tweets

Don’t let the mainstream media fool you abut The President’s latest tweets. President Trump posted multiple tweets Thursday morning in regards to arming teachers in schools. The President suggested looking into giving concealed guns to highly qualified teachers with military or special training backgrounds. The media such as CNN and NBC, are trying to say […]

Man threatens CNN, gets arrested

A man in Michigan allegedly attempted to shoot CNN employees at their headquarters in Atlanta. It was reported the man called the network at least 22 times accusing the network of reporting “fake news.” In one of the calls, the man whose name was not released told the CNN operator “Fake news. I’m coming to […]

Can’t deny the success

CNN can’t even do a “year in review” of the Donald Trump presidency without talking about all of the major successes. It must be killing them.