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Trump Destroys Comey in Twitter Firestorm, “Worst FBI Director in History”

On Sunday, the President tweeted up a firestorm focusing on the fired and former FBI Director, James Comey. Trump held nothing back as he unleashed on Comey with his aggressive tweeting. Trump went as far as to suggest Comey “will go down as the worst FBI Director in history”. The barrage of Sunday tweets from […]

James Comey Attacks Trump in His New Book

James Comey aggressively attacks Donald Trump in his soon to be released book, ‘A Higher Loyalty”. Comey suggests that Trump is “untethered to truth” and “ego-driven”. The book is scheduled to released in stores on April 17 and contains ideas that stretch far beyond acceptable. Comey questions Trumps marriage to Melania and claims that Trump […]

New RNC Website to Prove Fired FBI Director James Comey is a Liar

In just a matter of days, an interview with the fired FBI Director James Comey will be airing. The Republican National Committee is aggressively working to make sure the truth is set straight before the interview airs. This will be the first interview Comey has done since being fired from his former position. The term […]

FBI Raids & Seizes Stormy Daniels Documents from Trump Lawyer’s Office & Home

The FBI has raided the home and office of President Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Documents regarding porn star Stormy Daniels leading up to the 2016 presidential election were seized. On Monday, Cohen’s attorney said in a statement, “Today the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York executed a series of search […]

Trump tweets on Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe firing

The news of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe being fired broke Friday. Many believe that McCabe should have been fired months ago. President Trump tweeted Friday evening in regards to the breaking news. Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for […]

Andrew McCabe fired

The Justice Department has fired former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. The Friday firing has come just days before McCabe would be eligible for a lifetime pension. The Justice Department determined that he had lied to investigators reviewing the bureau’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s email server. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement, “Pursuant […]

FBI needs to get their priorities straight

The vast majority of the people that have committed mass shootings and domestic terrorist attacks over the last several years were already on the FBI radar. It sounds to me like guns aren’t the problem. The priorities of the FBI are.

House Intel votes to release surveillance memo to the public

The long awaited release of the controversial surveillance memo is about happen. On Monday the House Intelligence Committee voted to release the memo to the public. The memo which has been trending online in places like twitter for some time now, contains evidence of government surveillance abuse. California Rep. Adam Schiff, the number one Democrat […]

Andrew McCabe has been removed from the FBI

Andrew McCabe, the top FBI official has been removed from the bureau. Months of complaints regarding conflict-of-interest issues, have concluded with McCabe no longer serving as deputy director. McCabe will be taking vacation time until his planned retirement date. He will no longer be reporting to work at the FBI. His retirment date is within […]

Beware the deep state

Somehow the FBI manages to lose 5 months worth of text messages between anti-Trump agents. These are agents deeply involved in some of the biggest cases in 2017. The deep state is alive and well.

Man threatens CNN, gets arrested

A man in Michigan allegedly attempted to shoot CNN employees at their headquarters in Atlanta. It was reported the man called the network at least 22 times accusing the network of reporting “fake news.” In one of the calls, the man whose name was not released told the CNN operator “Fake news. I’m coming to […]