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FISA memo proves illegal abuse of power, Democrats dismiss it

This is proof of possibly the largest case of power abuse and corruption in American history. Donald Trump’s opposition was so desperate to keep him out of office, that they illegally attempted to sabotage his Presidential campaign. The DNC and Hillary Clinton were funding the illegal operation. This is a sad day for the country […]

FISA memo, an abuse of power

The FISA memo has finally been released and it’s not looking good for some folks. The memo has revealed some significant and shocking truths. Eleven months ago, Donald Trump said he was being spied on. It has turned out to be true. We already knew that the deep state was trying to sabotage Donald Trump’s […]

Hillary Clinton thanks ‘activist b*****s supporting b*****s’ in video

On Friday night, Hillary Clinton thanked her supporters for their activism and feminism. In a short video she praised “activist b*****s supporting b*****s”. She shared the video on Twitter Friday night. In the video, Clinton thanked everyone for their feminism, activism and encouraging supporters to continue their really good work. This is not the first […]