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Saved Rounds: 5 Things Illegals Got for Free Under Obama

Barack Obama is a great man. He’s loving, caring and compassionate. He did a lot of great things for a lot people. The problem is, he did all of this for the wrong people. Here is a list of 5 things Obama helped illegal immigrants get for free. Food – Illegal immigrants are welcome to […]

National Guard Arriving at Border, California is Not Participating

President Trump’s request to put the National Guard on the U.S.-Mexico border is now happening. National Guard members have begun to arrive. But unfortunately, California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown is not participating. Brown has had since last week to make a decision on whether or not the California National Guard will help in securing the […]

Elite Atlanta University Gives Free Tuition to Illegal Students, Americans Must Pay

The private institute, Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia provides free tuition for undocumented students with or without DACA. Emory started putting the program together early last year and made it effective for the fall 2017 semester. The program which will run for its first full year in 2018, is known as the “Need-Based Financial Aid […]

Trump’s Wall Construction Begins in New Mexico

On Monday, construction of Trump’s border wall has begun in a remote section of New Mexico. “It’s 18 feet high. The bollards are filled with concrete. You got rebar running up inside. It goes six feet underground and two feet of concrete on top of that. A wall isn’t designed to stop everybody. But you […]

Illegal Immigrants Get Driver’s Licenses Legally In These 12 States

Surprise! California is not the only state that allows illegal immigrants to legally obtain a driver’s license. California alone has issued out over a million licenses to illegal immigrants so far. With eleven more states doing the same, the total number is assumed to be several million illegal immigrants driving legally on roads in the […]

Saved Rounds: Perfect Timing for Trump’s National Guard Plan for the Border

Thanks to the Trump Administration, illegal border crossings are at a 46 year low. That’s not good enough. They must be stopped completely and that’s what Trump is working towards. Trump has announced he has plans to put the National Guard on the border. This is perfect timing. If illegal crossings are at a 46 […]

Illegal Immigrants in California Are Given Legal Driver’s Licenses

California has released a report stating that more than one million illegal immigrants residing in California have received driver’s licenses. The Sacramento Bee reported on Wednesday that as of March 31, the state of California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has issued drivers licenses to 1,001,000 illegal immigrants. This outrageous number of illegal immigrants obtaining […]

Trump warns Mexico about US-bound immigrant caravan

President Trump has warned Mexico that the advancing procession of a 1,000 plus person US-bound immigrant caravan “must be stopped”. The immigrant caravan is made up of Central Americans from Honduras and is blasting North through Mexico to US southern border. The immigrants are attempting to take advantage of a loophole in the American immigration […]

The wall has been started and Customs and Border Protection chief backs Trump

A top official for Customs and Border Protection has called out fake reports about border agents not supporting Trump’s border wall. Ronald Vitiello, the acting Deputy Commissioner has told reporters that effective barriers have been requested from the field. “Walls work” and “agents know it,” Vitiello said. Funding given to border security measures from the omnibus […]

Parents of murdered children want Oakland mayor to do hard time

Some parents of children who have been killed by illegal immigrants want the Trump administration to throw the book at Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf. Schaaf interfered with a federal immigration raid and parents wants her to pay for her sins and even serve jail time. Schaaf announced an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in on […]

Nancy Pelosi hates Americans

Nancy Pelosi stood on the House floor for 8 hours defending illegal immigrants. But she will not do that for families who have had loved ones murdered by people who should have never been in the country in the first place.

Democrats like illegal aliens more than you

The Democratic Party is putting the interest of illegal aliens ahead of law abiding American citizens. This is really the first time this has happened in such an extreme fashion.

Trump on Edwin Jackson, wake up call for Democrats

President Trump weighed in on the tragic death of Indiana Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson. The President called the incident a “preventable” and “disgraceful” tragedy. The drunk driver accused of crashing into Jackson is from Guatemala and is in the United States illegally. Edwin Jackson and Jeffery Monroe were standing on the emergency shoulder outside of […]

Democrat slams Pelosi over her ‘make america white again’ comment

The House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has received some backlash from her own party. Pelosi referred to President Trump’s immigration plan as a plan to “make America white again.” West Virginia Senator, Democrat Joe Manchin fired back by saying we “don’t need that kind of rhetoric on either side, from Nancy, Paul Ryan or anybody […]

Build the wall

If we would have had a secure border 20-30 years ago, we wouldn’t be having this ridiculous DACA issue today.