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Andrew McCabe fired

The Justice Department has fired former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. The Friday firing has come just days before McCabe would be eligible for a lifetime pension. The Justice Department determined that he had lied to investigators reviewing the bureau’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s email server. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement, “Pursuant […]

Parents of murdered children want Oakland mayor to do hard time

Some parents of children who have been killed by illegal immigrants want the Trump administration to throw the book at Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf. Schaaf interfered with a federal immigration raid and parents wants her to pay for her sins and even serve jail time. Schaaf announced an Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in on […]

Trump says ask Jeff Sessions!

The President took a little shot at Jeff Sessions Wednesday with a tweet. In the tweet, Trump asks a series of questions in regards to Russian meddling that took place during the Obama administration. Trump makes a good point here. Why are the Democrats crimes not under investigation? Question: If all of the Russian meddling […]

Come on Jeff sessions

Whatever happened to leakers being prosecuted? Jeff Sessions needs to get back on that.