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Trump starting the week off right by blasting Schiff

On Monday President Trump slammed the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. In an early morning tweet the President called “Little Adam Schiff” one of the “biggest liars and leakers in Washington.” Adam Schiff has been leading the Democrats in a charge to destroy the credibility of the surveillance memo released by Republicans. The […]

FISA memo proves illegal abuse of power, Democrats dismiss it

This is proof of possibly the largest case of power abuse and corruption in American history. Donald Trump’s opposition was so desperate to keep him out of office, that they illegally attempted to sabotage his Presidential campaign. The DNC and Hillary Clinton were funding the illegal operation. This is a sad day for the country […]

FISA memo, an abuse of power

The FISA memo has finally been released and it’s not looking good for some folks. The memo has revealed some significant and shocking truths. Eleven months ago, Donald Trump said he was being spied on. It has turned out to be true. We already knew that the deep state was trying to sabotage Donald Trump’s […]

Democrat Schiff opposes memo release

California Democrat Adam Schiff does not want the FISA memo released in any form. Schiff is declaring that the memo to be released, is not the same document it was in January. This is due to changes being made by Republican Devin Nunes’ office. Nunes’ office has responded by saying the changes were minor and […]

Pelosi trying to delay memo release

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has tried to throw a wrench into the release of the FISA memo. The White House is reviewing the memo today. After review, the memo is to be transported to Devin Nunes, who will then be able to take the final steps to release the memo under President Trump’s authority. […]

President Trump expected to release FISA memo on Friday

The FISA memo is being reviewed by the White House today. The memo will then be transported back to the house permanent select committee on intelligence to the chairman Devin Nunes. Nunes will then take the steps necessary to release it. The President has the constitutional authority to release the controversial surveillance memo. He is […]

House Intel votes to release surveillance memo to the public

The long awaited release of the controversial surveillance memo is about happen. On Monday the House Intelligence Committee voted to release the memo to the public. The memo which has been trending online in places like twitter for some time now, contains evidence of government surveillance abuse. California Rep. Adam Schiff, the number one Democrat […]