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Here’s How You Can Finally Get a U.S. Military Surplus 1911

The wait is almost over to get your hands on an Army surplus M1911 .45 caliber pistol. It was officially announced last year that a limited number would be sold to the public. Last year the Civilian Marksmanship Program announced that 10,000 M1911 service pistols would be sold to the public. The CMP has now […]

United States Is Ready to Strike Syria Again

The ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has issued a warning to Syria, “the United States is locked and loaded”. The Friday Syria strikes ordered by President Trump were a huge success. There were no reports of civilian casualties, the Russians were able to move out of the way and the United States had […]

Trump Warns Russia not to Interfere with Syria Strike

On Wednesday, President Trump warned the Kremlin to not retaliate against a U.S. strike on Syria. The possible strike is on the table due to the Assad regime organized chemical weapons attack that killed at least 40 people near Damascus on Saturday. Trump sent out a series of morning tweets in regards to a U.S. […]

New “Metal Foam” for Tanks & Armored Vehicles

There is a breakthrough in technology when it comes to foam. It’s called Composite Metal Foam (CMF). It can be used to armor tanks and all types of tactical vehicles. CMF is lighter than the steel armor used today and could be more effective at protecting the crew inside tactical vehicles. CMF is said to […]

Saved Rounds: Perfect Timing for Trump’s National Guard Plan for the Border

Thanks to the Trump Administration, illegal border crossings are at a 46 year low. That’s not good enough. They must be stopped completely and that’s what Trump is working towards. Trump has announced he has plans to put the National Guard on the border. This is perfect timing. If illegal crossings are at a 46 […]

U.S. Soldier Killed in Syria Identified

On Saturday the United States Government released the name of a soldier who was killed by an IED in Syria. 36 year old, Master Sgt. Jonathan Dunbar, of Austin, Texas, was deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. He died from his wounds Thursday. This is a stark reminder to all Americans that the fight […]

The truth about MSM opposing Trump’s pick for admiral to head VA

Do you remember when the same Navy doctor appointed to Obama gave Trump a clean bill of health? The mainstream media hasn’t forgotten and they’re using this to oppose Trump’s pick for head of VA. Dr. Ronny Jackson is a highly trained Navy admiral. He has served in Iraq, was appointed to Obama and is […]

15 Years Ago Today: Operation Iraqi Freedom Begins

15 years ago today the United States commenced Operation Iraqi Freedom. An operation to oust Saddam Hussein, take down one of the 3 countries listed by then President George W. Bush as the “axis of evil” and to rid the country of their supposed weapons of mass destruction stockpile. The initial invasion of Iraq could […]

Army research lab creating “bionic third arm”

The Army research lab is working on a very exciting new project. A “bionic third arm”. The project once completed, would allow soldiers to carry bigger and heavier weapons. A “bionic third arm” would also reduce fatigue, recoil and the burden heavy gear normally puts on a soldier.

US forces ambushed in Niger again

The U.S. Africa Command on Wednesday disclosed a December attack on American forces in Niger. The attack was an ambush by terrorist forces. The December attack follows an October attack and lawmakers are questioning what the U.S. is doing in Niger. The U.S. Africa Command said that on December 6, 11 ISIS fighters were killed […]

Republicans are fighting very hard

Republicans fight very hard to keep our Military funded. The Democrats only care about babying illegal immigrants allowing them to flood the country.

At all costs

The United States Military is the most important institution in the world. It must be protected at all costs.