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The truth about MSM opposing Trump’s pick for admiral to head VA

Do you remember when the same Navy doctor appointed to Obama gave Trump a clean bill of health? The mainstream media hasn’t forgotten and they’re using this to oppose Trump’s pick for head of VA. Dr. Ronny Jackson is a highly trained Navy admiral. He has served in Iraq, was appointed to Obama and is […]

15 Years Ago Today: Operation Iraqi Freedom Begins

15 years ago today the United States commenced Operation Iraqi Freedom. An operation to oust Saddam Hussein, take down one of the 3 countries listed by then President George W. Bush as the “axis of evil” and to rid the country of their supposed weapons of mass destruction stockpile. The initial invasion of Iraq could […]

What did they know?

On January 20th 2017, did Susan Rice know about the Steele Dossier? Rice emailed herself notes from the now well known January 5th Oval Office meeting with President Obama. We know the email she sent herself contained notes of things Obama had said at the meeting in regards to investigating Russian hacking in the 2016 […]

Susan Rice Red Flag email

Susan Rice the adviser to President Obama, wrote an interesting email to herself on inauguration day 2017. She emailed herself about a meeting that had occurred on January 5th in the Oval office. In the email, Rice says in the email that President Obama was being briefed by the intelligence community about Russian hacking that […]

FISA memo, an abuse of power

The FISA memo has finally been released and it’s not looking good for some folks. The memo has revealed some significant and shocking truths. Eleven months ago, Donald Trump said he was being spied on. It has turned out to be true. We already knew that the deep state was trying to sabotage Donald Trump’s […]